PHIL 401 Metaphysics
Section : 1
2013-2014 Fall
Name of Lecturer : Asst. Prof. John Woods III
E-mail address :
Ext. : 2860
Office : 129B
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Assessment Methods
Assessment Method(%) Contribution to Final GradeDate Week
In-class participation15 0
Final:Essay/written40 13
Oral presentation20 0
Essay25 0

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for the Final Exam
Both essays submitted within agreed upon deadlines and with passing grades.

Presentation completed as scheduled.

Required Textbook
Year/Edition: 2012
Title: Metaphysics: An Anthology
Author(s): Jaegwon Kim, Daniel Korman, and Ernest Sosa
Publisher: Blackwell

Course Contents
Week : 1
Introduction to the subject. Basic Tools 1: Logical Background

Additional Information: No readings necessary. Start reading "Modalities: Basic Concepts and Distinctions" for week 2
Week : 2
Basic Tools 2: Modality and Possible Worlds

Additional Information: "Modalities: Basic Concepts and Distinctions" "A Philosopher's Paradise" (1.1 - 1.5)
Week : 3
Basic Tools 3: Causation

Additional Information: "Causal Connections" *"On the Notion of Cause"
Week : 4
Case Study 1: Ontology -- The Basics

Additional Information: "On What There Is" "Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology"
Week : 5
No Classes

Additional Information:
Week : 6
Case Study 1: Ontology -- Weird Existents and Non-Existents.

Additional Information: "Holes" "Beyond Being and Nonbeing" *"If We Postulated Fictional Objects, What Would They Be?"
Week : 7
Case Study 1: Ontology -- Alternatives

Additional Information: "On What Grounds What"
Week : 8
Case Study 2: Identity -- Leibniz' Law

Additional Information: "The Identity of Indiscernibles"
Week : 9
Case Study 2: Identity -- Qualitative? Or not?

Additional Information: "Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity" "Identity and Necessity" *"Contingent Identity"
Week : 10
Case Study 3: Persons -- Bodily Criteria vs Mental Criteria

Additional Information: "Persons and their Pasts" *"The Self and the Future"
Week : 11
Case Study 3: Persons -- Survival

Additional Information: "Personal Identity" *"Survival and Identity"
Week : 12
Case Study 3: Persons -- Cartesianism

Additional Information: "Lonely Souls" Distributed text from Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy
Week : 13
Student Choice

Additional Information: (we will discuss options in the first few classes)
Week : 14
Student Choice and Wrap-up

Additional Information: TBD
Week : 15
Final Exams : 03.01.2014 - 11.01.2014

Additional Information: