MSN 522 Synthetic Biology
Section : 1
2014-2015 Fall
Name of Lecturer : Asst. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker
E-mail address :
Ext. : 2903573
Office : 408
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Assessment Methods
Assessment Method(%) Contribution to Final GradeDate Week
Midterm:Open-Book20 0
Homework20 0
Term project25 0
Final:Essay/written35 0

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for the Final Exam
-taking midterm exam
-submisson of the term paper

Type of Course

Course Materials
Multimedia ---- Written

Course Contents
Week : 1
Introduction to Biological Systems : Biology as an Inspiration for Nanoscience

Additional Information:
Week : 2
Biological Machinery for Self Replication and Assembly

Additional Information:
Week : 3
Self Assembly in Biological Systems

Additional Information: Viral Capsid Assembly, Cage Proteins Assembly, Amyloid Protein Assembly
Week : 4
Photonic Systems in Biology 1

Additional Information: Fundamentals of Bioluminscence and its Applications in Nanotechnology, Photonic Bio-nanostructures
Week : 5
Photonic Systems in Biological Systems 2

Additional Information: Biological Light Harvesting Systems
Week : 6
Materials Synthesis in Biological Systems: Biomineralization

Additional Information:
Week : 7
Mimicing Biological Self Assembly and Materials Synthesis for Nanotechnology

Additional Information: Phage Based Nanotechnology, Protein Based Nanomaterial Synthesis and Assembly
Week : 8
Fundamentals of Synthetic Biology as an Emerging Engineering Discipline

Additional Information:
Week : 9
Systems Biology Approach and Structure of biological networks

Additional Information:
Week : 10
Biological Device Designs Principles

Additional Information: Genetic Circuitry in Biological Systems and Synthetic Genetic Circuitry Design
Week : 11
Synthetic Biological Devices 1

Additional Information: Optogenetic Systems
Week : 12
Synthetic Biological Devices 2

Additional Information: Repressilator, Genetic Logic Gates, Riboswitches, Genetic Toggle Switch
Week : 13
Nanotechnology through Synthetic Biology and Biomimicry : Possibilities and Challenges

Additional Information:
Week : 14
Term project presentations

Additional Information:
Week : 15
Final Exams : 03.01.2015 - 11.01.2015

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