MSN 521 Biotechnology
Section : 1
2014-2015 Spring
Name of Lecturer : Asst. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker
E-mail address :
Ext. : 2903573
Office : 408
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Assessment Methods
Assessment Method(%) Contribution to Final GradeDate Week
Quiz10 0
Homework20 0
Midterm:Essay/written20 0
Term project25 0
Final:Essay/written25 0

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for the Final Exam
attendance to the midterm and submisson of the term project.

Type of Course
Lecture ---- Project ---- Research Paper

Course Materials
Multimedia ---- Written

Course Contents
Week : 1
Introduction to Biotechnology

Additional Information: Historical Development, Scientific discoveries, Basic concepts
Week : 2
Molecular Techniques in Biotechnology

Additional Information: Molecular Cloning, Novel tools of cloning :Gibson Assembly, Golden Gate Assembly, Gateway Cloning
Week : 3
Recombinant Protein Production

Additional Information: Fermentation Technology and Industrial Protein Production,
Week : 4
Recombinant Protein Production

Additional Information: Downstream processing, Protein purification and Case studies
Week : 5
Protein Structure and Protein Engineering

Additional Information: Protein Folding and Computational Tools for Protein structure prediction and Engineering
Week : 6
Enzyme Engineering

Additional Information: Directed Enzyme Evolution
Week : 7
Metabolic Engineering

Additional Information: Intrdocution to metabolic engineering, basic concepts in metabolic engineering, utilization of metabolic engineering for biotechnology applications
Week : 8
Synthetic Biology

Additional Information: Biological Device Design and Engineering, Synthetic gene circuits
Week : 9
Genome Engineering Tools 1

Additional Information: Zinc Fingers, TALENs
Week : 10
Genome Engineering Tools 2

Additional Information: CRISPR / Cas Systems
Week : 11

Additional Information: Design of a biosensor, parts of a biosensor. Electrochemical, optical biosensors
Week : 12
Medical Biotechnology

Additional Information: Next Generation Sequencing and Personalized Medicine, Tissue Engineering
Week : 13
Food and Agricultural Biotechnology

Additional Information: Case studies
Week : 14
Term Project Presentations

Additional Information:
Week : 15
Final Exams : 20.05.2015 - 28.05.2015

Additional Information: